Age-Proof Your Resume

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Don’t Let Your Resume Age You- If you find yourself unexpectedly back on the job market after years of steady employment, knowing where to start can be very overwhelming. Will you be overlooked for jobs because of your age? Possibly. Age discrimination is illegal, but it still happens. The format and contents of your resume […]

Resumes that get RESULTS

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 Employers prefer crisp-looking resumes that get to the point. By using the example on this page as a template, you’ll improve both the style and the substance your resume. Layout:   Add interest and clarity by using bullets, indents and varying font styles (such as bold and italic letters). Avoid using unconventional fonts or adding […]

Social Media SABOTAGE

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  Social Media is a great tool for networking and job searching. But it can also be a detriment if not monitored closely. Inappropriate information posted on social media is causing more and more qualified candidates to lose out on great job opportunities. It is extremely important to realize the implications of social media activity […]